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Products tagged with malleable (24)

Fitting reducing ring no. 241 galvanised
Fitting plug no. 290 galvanised
Fitting reducing nipple no. 245 black
Fitting elbow galvanised no.92
Fitting cap no. 300 galvanised
Fitting socket no. 270 galvanised
Fitting elbow no. 92
Fitting bend no. 2 galvanised
Fitting bend no. 1 black
Fitting nipple no. 280 galvanised
Fitting reducing nipple no. 245 galvanised
Fitting reducing socket no. 240 black
Fitting elbow coupling no.98
Fitting bend no. 2 black
Fitting coupling no. 341 galvanised
Fitting cross section no. 180 black
Fitting elbow no. 90
Fitting socket nipple no. 529a galvanised
Fit soknippel no. 246 zwart
Fitting tee no. 130 black
Fitting elbow coupling no. 96
Fitting bend no. 1
Fitting coupling no. 340 galvanised
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