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Siemens Acvatix VXF22 3-port valve VXF22

Siemens Acvatix VXF22 3-port valve PN6 with flanged connections VXF22 Siemens ASZ6.6 Stem heating element for media < 0 °C Siemens Acvatix 428488060 Sealing gland 10 mm EPDM Siemens Acvatix actuator SAX.. N4501 Siemens ASZ7.5/1000 Potentiometer 0...1000 Ohm for SA..31../SA..81.. Siemens ASK 39.1 Weathershield for SAX../SAL.. Siemens ASC10.51 Auxiliary switch for SA..31../SA..61../SA..81.. Siemens AZX61.1 Funtion module for SA..61.., sequence control/changeover of acting direction